Why Surendra Engineering Quality Assurance Achievements
>>  45 years of experience
>>  Global Network
>>  Various Awards in Excellence & performance
>>  Turnkey Contractors
>>  End-to-End Services
>>  Best penetration in African Region
>>     In Process Control
>>     Field Assmebly
>>     Caliberation Of Maeasuring Instruments
>>     Shipping Inspection
>>     Testing Facilities
>>     Regional Special Shield 1984 - 1985
>>     Export Award Certificate 1985 - 1986
>>     Regional Special Shield 1986 - 1987
>>     Regional Special Shield 1987 - 1988
>>     Export Award Certificate 1988 - 1989
About Surendra Enginerring
We would like to take this opportunity of briefly introducing M/s. Surendra Engg Corporation Ltd. which is a well established engineering organization based in Mumbai, India, for the past 45 years, with business transactions being carried out in India as well as Internationally.

The company deals with a varied range of products and services catering to India, African Continent, Europe, USA and South America Market namely - such as Boiling House Equipment, Baggage Handling System For Co-generation, Sugar Mill Rollors, DSM Screen with Housing, Mill Spares, Chain & Chair, Drives for Cane Carrier, Feeder Table, Rake Carriers, Bagasse Elevator etc for Sugar Industries.
Latest Project
Presently we have Turnkey Refinery Projects in Two Sugar Factories of Sudan with Tate & Lyle, UK. During last one decade we have successfully completed about 100 overseas Projects with F C Schaffers, USA, Arkel International, USA, Tate & Lyle, UK, Bookers Tate, UK, Bosch Projects, South Africa and many other Indian World class Consultants.
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